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 Surrender to “the truth of being”…Wk 12 Soul’s Journey 


It’s as if a shade  is slipping from my eyes.  As I continue to see, my observing and seeing continues to transform. 

What’s odd is that now it seems that “really being the observer of myself, my thoughts and situations I am in”  has somehow helped me realize some of the ways I have made my life more complicated, more lonely and maybe held me back in ways I never needed to.  

I’ve been seeing Change & Transfornation for so many years and though yes I am grateful for the growth I have seen…I have also seen much “stuck in a place I don’t thrive in”

So I’m gong to stay strong, continue and trust the process…knowing part of the process is “standing still” while moving forward…knowing Grace will always find me and I will always find what I need if I just stay the course, eyes wide open! 

” Nothing is as Painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t  belong



WK 11… The Weary Warrior                 Struggle and Progress


This week I was very weary, having spent a great weekend with my kids and then going home alone again, opened up many conversations in my head.  

It did strongly reactivate my need tocontinue  my “Heros Journey” to my Souls true calling and my path to Freedom & Prosperity so I can have many more special times with my children and Grandchildren!! 

I have to admit the deeper we go in MKMMA I flounder between excitement and fear of what the future holds. I find it harder to do things and spend time with those that don’t serve my Soul but are necessary to continue for now as I do the work.  

Knowing on the other side as I move on the path…there is something beautiful waiting, is what keeps me going! 💃


Wk 10…Love, Love, Love and a little letting go of old thought patterns

After being in MKMMA for 9 1/2 weeks, Plus having done some of my own self reflection, at the time of spending a long weekend with my three grown children, their spouses and my two granddaughters, it made for a interesting weekend.
Yes it was more than awesome to have them all under one roof again, a dream come true!

Being a single parent for the last 25 years with no family locally it has been awesome, sometimes scary and now that none of them live nearby often very lonely and sometimes sad. But this was a weekend I was so very excited about! 

Well anybody that knows me knows that this mama bear goes all out when it’s time to see the family! So I rented a large Townhouse in Orlando near my youngest daughter and her husband, so I could have my grandbabies under the same roof.
I arrived early and decorated from top to bottom – special touches in the bedrooms, bathrooms and the first floor was a paradise for little ones. There was a blowup Santa Mickey Mouse and a blowup Olaf to greet them as they walked through the door.

 There was a princess castle in the corner with little surprises inside for the 4 1/2-year-old and two-year-old to play in. 

Freshly made cookies from grandmas home and every treat you could imagine!
We were just down the road from Walt Disney World and yes we spent the first day at Disney. 

I was sooooo excited and all was going well, though we didn’t stay together as a family most of the morning (a bit disappointing to me) and then as the early afternoon began and the babies became tired and a little tired, that’s when the stress of the adults grew a little.  Being very empathic I tend to feel energy shifts and pain in other people and I felt it shift. Normally it would tense me up, but in that moment, as the Grinch on Christmas morn, I felt my heart grow, I felt an opening, an understanding, a huge compassion and at that moment I saw everything through a new heart!    As the weekend went on I became the observer not only of my family but of their hearts, their great big hearts as parents, aunts & uncles, spouses, my children and as responsible employees and integral parts of society & the worlds future. 

 At that moment I realized how selfish I had been all these years trying to pursue my vision of “perfection” for my family and putting that on them, causing unconscious stress from all angles when we are together….at that moment 

                        I LET GO!!  

I PROMISED myself to LOVE, RESPECT & THINK of others before I speak – to be sure I am only coming from a vision of love and shared respect. Seeing this change as another shift in attaining my goals…realizing how I have been putting too much energy into others and into “perfection” probably as a way to avoid truly stepping into my own life    

Wow what a huge realization and actually a great weight removed….

Let Go and Let God and focus on me 

        Let them & me off the hook



Wk 13…Fork in the Road 

The weeks are moving quickly, yet I’ve found the growth internal and at times as a “observer” as if above or outside looking in. This put me in a “silent, almost speechless” place, so not me!!!  But something was shifting, growing, emerging…so much so I couldn’t explain….a bubble of sorts, an opening…the Return to Self leading to the new FORK in the ROAD…decisions, shifts and more…so I am posting Week 13 first and tomorrow going back to Wks 10, 11 & 12 to share the transistion and transformations which took place!! 

Yet, here is where I found myself this week…in the genuine realization that though the road I/you are on may seem “by the general publics” eyes, to be the right one…successful one…distinguished one…BUT my eyes finally had opened and that pit in my stomach, ache in my chest finally makes sense…it’s the Wrong Path!!

No, it doesn’t mean I did anything wrong, remember there were many blessings on this path but now it’s just not what my Soul longs for anymore and that’s ok!!   

Now I’m not saying its going to be easy and my experience has been that quite often when I & other’s I know on the Hero’s Journey realize the path isn’t my/their Path anymore….you usually won’t  know what that other path is. But, if you surrender, your Heart  and Soul will guide you, if you tune in to the guidance you will be lost yet in the right direction! That’s where I found myself this week…bigger Release of all I’ve known, then ever before 😧

The Path may be short or long but the Journey is worth every second, every aha moment, every memory made and every lesson learned!!

If you choose to take The Hero’s Journey, know that it isn’t overnight – it’s a process, it’s transformation, it’s the Journey to you! 

Welcome to the Return to Yourself!!

Wk 9 –  Time for Reclaiming Me! Observing, rethinking, refining…and major realizations!! 


“Look at every path closely and deliberately. Try it as many times as you think necessary. Then ask yourself, and yourself alone, one question . . . Does this path have a heart?” Carlos Castaneda

Yes week 9 is coming in a little late…I have restarted and rewritten it multiple times since last week Wednesday, LOL!

I found myself feeling like I was writing for someone else, so I sat with that!
Well, I finally, truly, got the message that “I’ve always lived my life for others, with “Random Moments of Anne”
Though i have been taking mysekf and my power back pieve by piece this year and have been realizing that the life I am living is the culmination of decisions made always outting others first.
as a child I always did what would keep the family calm, coming from a verbally and sometimes physically abusive family, I learned at a very young age to be a “good girl “, so as not to be the subject of more anger and fear that those around me were feeling.

Going to Catholic school for 12 years, I learned to be the “perfect girl “, so as not to get in trouble, embarrassed in the front of my classmates, not have my parents find out if I was bad so I’d be in trouble at home too and just to keep the peace all around.

When I was married, I made the wrong choice because I was running away from my childhood instead of running toward something that I really wanted.  So I spey another 14 years trying to keep the peace in my own home with my husband and children, so he would not take out his anger and abuse on myself for the children. Living with an alcoholic, drug abuser is a dance with the devil, trying to save yourself and your family.

Then becoming a single mom with three small children and moving across the country, with no friends or family was a whole new reality. I made some bad choices, I’ve had some great successes but all these years my children always came first! It is been my greatest gift, my greatest challenge and sometimes now my greatest sadness. all three of them to be wonderful adults, they’re all married, two of them have children and I know there’s more coming soon! I love them dearly, but since they all live in different places and I don’t see them as much as I used to it sometime sad to not be there for my grandkids like I’d like or have more time with my children.

So looking back I realize that now that they’re grown and doing well, yes I need to find more time and money freedom so that I can see them and be there for the exciting moments and they and their children’s lives, but it’s time that I am true to myself and figure out who I want to be and what I want to do in this next chapter of my life….for me & by me. 

Not that I am not grateful for all the Lord has brought me through, done for me and me my family!  It’s all path, it’s all part of my life….the crooked road that lead me here! 

Soooo…..dig deeper!! 

Time to CHIP Harder at the cement on this Golden Buddha….I’ve chipped away a lot this past 6 months and it has accelerated these 9 1/2 weeks….but time to bring the jackhammer….

Watch out world…I may have a lot to do but there’s 16 1/2 more weeks and a lifetime after that!! This girl is going places & never gives up!!! 

Wk 8 – Restarts, Epiphanies and Setbacks

“If you are going to Change the World, you have to look inside, Change your inner World and then You’ll Know You Can!”       Anne Skinner 

The Mental Diet was easy when we started it…heck I found myself in Costa Rica with my Granddaughter unexpectedly! I had a great presentation at work…life was on a rapid climb filled with awesome moments, awesome people and spectacular surprises! Life was good and I was believing every corner held another blessing, gift or transformation and I was thrilled!! 

Well Friday of week 7,  I was excited and headed to another favorite place – a weekend with my other Granddaughter, a 4 year old sweetheart who always fills my Soul and reminds me why I am here!  We had a blast that first day! Shopping for clothes for 2 hours, so much fun!  Then Chuck E Cheese for 2.5 hours! My DMP and my Grandma Legacy coming to life. 

When we returned home not only were the horrible Paris events replaying on the television, but I was also made aware of a family crisis of which I had no answer.  

This was when my Mental Diet and progress forward seemed to fade and the old blueprint kicked in, my head was spinning, trying to come up with a solution in an impossible situation. My mind flooded me with the past, bad decisions, questions of what I can do, what I could have done…a blur, a flash of human that I never realized I had pushed down so deeply.   The week has been a tough one, my processing manifested in many ways and finally on Thursday my heart broke, the tough exterior, “Ms.I can handle everything alone” was lost and sad and for the first time in a long time I had to admit that sometimes I don’t have the solutions or the answers and that God has brought me this far, he MUST be able to handle this! 

So today after feeling sick Thursday & Friday and taking a “Mental Health day” yesterday, I knew that the best I could do was to Restart, Rethink and Regroup!! So tomorrow morning I will be sitting and one more time reviewing PPNs and rewriting my DMP, finding that as the clay cracks from my inner Buddha, my plans, dreams and my future continues to shift. 

So though this setback has rocked me to the core  I have decided not to listen to the voice that’s telling me to give up….I’M STILL Moving, maybe slower, maybe through tears and doubts BUT I’m still moving and will regain my footing and be stronger!!! 

MKMMA I WILL follow the steps sometimes running others maybe walking but I will Find my Definite Purpose and Live It!! 


Wk 7…Monkeys, Iguanas, Sunshine, Ocean, Breakthroughs Surprises…Love is the answer! 

When Life gives you just what you need!!   

If in the beginning of week 6 you had told me that I would be flying off to Costa Rica to spend 4 days with my Grandbaby, daughter & son in law, I would have bet a lot of money that would never happen. 

Well, yep it did and I’m still amazed!  It was wonderful too, short but wonderful!  

The Universe saw I was serious and oh my, many of the things in my DMP are showing up!!  “More time with my kids & Grandbabies” (guess where I’m going this weekend- to see my other Granddaughter!). This week I saw the Chiropractor & Dr of PT that really seem to understand what is going on and have an aggressive plan to help me reduce pain, regain flexibility and slow or stop any increase in damage “True Health”!!  Meeting like minded, awesome people during my travels. My boss, being sooooo nice (this is not her usual) but last week when I saw her I gave her a copy of Og’s book 😉

Wow is all I can say!! It’s been a blast and exhausting all at once – yes in the middle there were some really rough  things that came up but being filled with love and gratitude made those a piece of cake to get through!! 

The gal in the mirror has brought up so many emotions but I’m loving them, working through and loving me!! 

Funny thing, up until a year ago I always said I had brown eyes – sad thing is they are hazel with a good amount of green — I had not been seeing me all these years 😢 

I’m making strides forward, but yes I still slip a little , the nice thing is I catch it quick and just think of all the beautiful people & things in my life and coming in the near future!! 

Here’s to more time with family, 

 the changes and delightful times ahead!! 💃