WK 11… The Weary Warrior                 Struggle and Progress


This week I was very weary, having spent a great weekend with my kids and then going home alone again, opened up many conversations in my head.  

It did strongly reactivate my need tocontinue  my “Heros Journey” to my Souls true calling and my path to Freedom & Prosperity so I can have many more special times with my children and Grandchildren!! 

I have to admit the deeper we go in MKMMA I flounder between excitement and fear of what the future holds. I find it harder to do things and spend time with those that don’t serve my Soul but are necessary to continue for now as I do the work.  

Knowing on the other side as I move on the path…there is something beautiful waiting, is what keeps me going! 💃


4 thoughts on “WK 11… The Weary Warrior                 Struggle and Progress

    1. Anne Master Key Post author

      Thank you so much Marj! You brought tears to my eyes saying you noticed my absence. I feel very alone in the world these days, especially at holiday time as I run around to each of the children alone, noticing the void next to me.
      I’m excited at the revelations and openings, I know I have a long way to go but know I am worth it.
      Blessings to you!



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