Wk 13…Fork in the Road 

The weeks are moving quickly, yet I’ve found the growth internal and at times as a “observer” as if above or outside looking in. This put me in a “silent, almost speechless” place, so not me!!!  But something was shifting, growing, emerging…so much so I couldn’t explain….a bubble of sorts, an opening…the Return to Self leading to the new FORK in the ROAD…decisions, shifts and more…so I am posting Week 13 first and tomorrow going back to Wks 10, 11 & 12 to share the transistion and transformations which took place!! 

Yet, here is where I found myself this week…in the genuine realization that though the road I/you are on may seem “by the general publics” eyes, to be the right one…successful one…distinguished one…BUT my eyes finally had opened and that pit in my stomach, ache in my chest finally makes sense…it’s the Wrong Path!!

No, it doesn’t mean I did anything wrong, remember there were many blessings on this path but now it’s just not what my Soul longs for anymore and that’s ok!!   

Now I’m not saying its going to be easy and my experience has been that quite often when I & other’s I know on the Hero’s Journey realize the path isn’t my/their Path anymore….you usually won’t  know what that other path is. But, if you surrender, your Heart  and Soul will guide you, if you tune in to the guidance you will be lost yet in the right direction! That’s where I found myself this week…bigger Release of all I’ve known, then ever before 😧

The Path may be short or long but the Journey is worth every second, every aha moment, every memory made and every lesson learned!!

If you choose to take The Hero’s Journey, know that it isn’t overnight – it’s a process, it’s transformation, it’s the Journey to you! 

Welcome to the Return to Yourself!!


11 thoughts on “Wk 13…Fork in the Road 

    1. Anne Master Key Post author

      Thank you Chris! It was quite a revelation and odd how I shifted though those weeks
      Yes I’m trying to muster the courage to write those (lol), actually so much to tell I don’t know where to begin.
      I will be heading home today from family (with a very bad cold- so much for starting 2016 perfectly healthy) and finishing all by noon tomorrow if not tonite.
      Great Blessings & Happy New Year to you!

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    1. Anne Master Key Post author

      Thank you Yes I have known it for years but haven’t said but to a few close to me. I learned at a young age to run away from things & people that threaten me and always end up in another bad place to run away from. I was never taught to recognize, know or plan for what would be good for me so it is very hard now to identify & define that so I can run towards it!!!
      Thank you for reading them Marjorie!! ❤️



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