Wk 8 – Restarts, Epiphanies and Setbacks

“If you are going to Change the World, you have to look inside, Change your inner World and then You’ll Know You Can!”       Anne Skinner 

The Mental Diet was easy when we started it…heck I found myself in Costa Rica with my Granddaughter unexpectedly! I had a great presentation at work…life was on a rapid climb filled with awesome moments, awesome people and spectacular surprises! Life was good and I was believing every corner held another blessing, gift or transformation and I was thrilled!! 

Well Friday of week 7,  I was excited and headed to another favorite place – a weekend with my other Granddaughter, a 4 year old sweetheart who always fills my Soul and reminds me why I am here!  We had a blast that first day! Shopping for clothes for 2 hours, so much fun!  Then Chuck E Cheese for 2.5 hours! My DMP and my Grandma Legacy coming to life. 

When we returned home not only were the horrible Paris events replaying on the television, but I was also made aware of a family crisis of which I had no answer.  

This was when my Mental Diet and progress forward seemed to fade and the old blueprint kicked in, my head was spinning, trying to come up with a solution in an impossible situation. My mind flooded me with the past, bad decisions, questions of what I can do, what I could have done…a blur, a flash of human that I never realized I had pushed down so deeply.   The week has been a tough one, my processing manifested in many ways and finally on Thursday my heart broke, the tough exterior, “Ms.I can handle everything alone” was lost and sad and for the first time in a long time I had to admit that sometimes I don’t have the solutions or the answers and that God has brought me this far, he MUST be able to handle this! 

So today after feeling sick Thursday & Friday and taking a “Mental Health day” yesterday, I knew that the best I could do was to Restart, Rethink and Regroup!! So tomorrow morning I will be sitting and one more time reviewing PPNs and rewriting my DMP, finding that as the clay cracks from my inner Buddha, my plans, dreams and my future continues to shift. 

So though this setback has rocked me to the core  I have decided not to listen to the voice that’s telling me to give up….I’M STILL Moving, maybe slower, maybe through tears and doubts BUT I’m still moving and will regain my footing and be stronger!!! 

MKMMA I WILL follow the steps sometimes running others maybe walking but I will Find my Definite Purpose and Live It!! 


5 thoughts on “Wk 8 – Restarts, Epiphanies and Setbacks

  1. kimpadilla

    One of the many wonderful things about MKMMA is that it is our own personal journey. When we take a couple steps backward we can regroup and start again where we left off. I personally have just accepted that fact this weekend and it feels so liberating not to be beating myself up for falling behind! I am looking forward to your week 9 blog to hear how your doing.

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    1. Anne Master Key Post author

      Hi Kim sorry I didn’t respond sooner, I had read your message and promised myself I’d come back & reply then got caught up in the busyness of preparing for a long weekend this week with my kids & grandkids.
      I too am starting to drop my superwoman cape a little and see that sometimes falling behind is the universes way of telling me I’m doing too much or I’m moving in the wrong direction & have some resistance. I’m finally stopping & looking at what might be going on, instead of just barreling through. Finally taking care of me a bit ☺️. I’ve been a master at beating myself up & when I forgot to do it, others would do it for me. Time to let that go fully and know the more we love & care for ourselves, the more room for others to do the same!
      I’m happy to be on this journey with you! Keep on keeping on! ❤️



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