Wk 7…Monkeys, Iguanas, Sunshine, Ocean, Breakthroughs Surprises…Love is the answer! 

When Life gives you just what you need!!   

If in the beginning of week 6 you had told me that I would be flying off to Costa Rica to spend 4 days with my Grandbaby, daughter & son in law, I would have bet a lot of money that would never happen. 

Well, yep it did and I’m still amazed!  It was wonderful too, short but wonderful!  

The Universe saw I was serious and oh my, many of the things in my DMP are showing up!!  “More time with my kids & Grandbabies” (guess where I’m going this weekend- to see my other Granddaughter!). This week I saw the Chiropractor & Dr of PT that really seem to understand what is going on and have an aggressive plan to help me reduce pain, regain flexibility and slow or stop any increase in damage “True Health”!!  Meeting like minded, awesome people during my travels. My boss, being sooooo nice (this is not her usual) but last week when I saw her I gave her a copy of Og’s book 😉

Wow is all I can say!! It’s been a blast and exhausting all at once – yes in the middle there were some really rough  things that came up but being filled with love and gratitude made those a piece of cake to get through!! 

The gal in the mirror has brought up so many emotions but I’m loving them, working through and loving me!! 

Funny thing, up until a year ago I always said I had brown eyes – sad thing is they are hazel with a good amount of green — I had not been seeing me all these years 😢 

I’m making strides forward, but yes I still slip a little , the nice thing is I catch it quick and just think of all the beautiful people & things in my life and coming in the near future!! 

Here’s to more time with family, 

 the changes and delightful times ahead!! 💃

13 thoughts on “Wk 7…Monkeys, Iguanas, Sunshine, Ocean, Breakthroughs Surprises…Love is the answer! 

    1. Anne Master Key Post author

      Thanks so much!! Yes True Health is a must!! I lived many years undiagnosed & untreated but now am on track & then the added injuries just seems to try & complicate things. This time there is ONLY Success!!
      Best wishes to you too!

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  1. meditationmastermasterkey

    It’s beautiful to grow along side other like-minded Beings like your Self. Glad to see that your DMP is unfolding and revealing It Self right before your very eyes and the inspiration and great mentor you are to your Children.
    Excited to see your story of dreams unfold more and more and this is just week 7!!!
    Blessings of Love and Balance to you and yours

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    1. Anne Master Key Post author

      Thank you Debra! Yes I am now opening up to what others might see…since I’ve always seemed to think they either didn’t see me or didn’t think much of who I am 😟 or I heard what they thought but couldn’t believe it because, yes you are right – I wasn’t seeing me 😕


  2. Chris

    I’m on a journey of true health too, and it is truly amazing to find that everything is right in front of you, you just have to be open to looking for it and the universe will give it to you. Children grow up so quickly, it doesn’t matter how much time you spend with them, but the quality within that time that matters the most. I loved reading your post, keep enjoying life!

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